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Pine Media Fibre

Ultra-Fast Downloads & Uploads

Not only do we offer the fastest home internet in the UK, but we’re priced so competitively that you wouldn’t believe you’re paying for a premium connection to the web.

Truly unlimited downloads

Truly unlimited data usage, no hidden fair usage policy, no throttling.

Fully UK based support 

All our call centres are hosted at home, in the UK. 

Estimated prices

Our Full Fibre Price Plans

Fibre 50
£19For Six Months, Then £22
  • 50 Mb/s Download

  • 50 Mb/s Upload

  • 30 Day Contract

  • £40 Activation

Fibre 150
£31For Six Months, Then £38
  • 150 Mb/s Download

  • 150 Mb/s Upload

  • 30 Day Contract

  • £40 Activation

Fibre 500
£48For Six Months, Then £58
  • 500 Mb/s Download

  • 500 Mb/s Upload

  • 12 Month Contract

  • £40 Activation

Fibre 1Gb
£65For Six Months, Then £75
  • 1000 Mb/s Download

  • 1000 Mb/s Upload

  • 12 Month Contract

  • £20 Activation

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We’re faster.

 SKY Fibre MaxBT UltraFast IIVirgin Media VividPINE MEDIA 1Gbs
Avg. Download Speed63 Mbps330 Mbps362 Mbps950 Mbps
Avg. Upload Speed18 Mbps50 Mbps21 Mbps960 Mbps
Contract Length18 Months18 Months12 Months12 Months

This table compares the fastest residential internet plans by Pine Media and the leading UK ISPs* as shown on their respective websites. Last updated: 18/07/2018.

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Fibre for streaming

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With any brand new technology, it takes some time to reach everyone. Currently our Full Fibre Network spans parts of Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester, with extended coverage through our Wireless Air Fibre.

Ultra-low latency!

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