Item 1
Speeds up to 300Mb/s on both our rural and urban network. Wireless and fibre options with no BT line required.

up to 300 Mb/s
Item 2
Speeds up to 1Gb/s, and near national coverage potential. Solutions for small and large businesses.

Up to 1 Gb/s
Item 3
Home Phone
Unlimited landline calls for £8pm - no line rental, and keep your existing number.

UK Support

All our services include 100% UK telephone and email support


We own and maintain our network ourselves meaning you can stop paying expensive line rental


Because we are not restricted by existing cabling we can reach almost anywhere in the UK if demand is present.


< 30ms guarantee. Essential for VOIP, EPOS, Gaming etc

Our combination of fibre and wireless allows us to reach areas overlooked by traditional services.

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Pine Media's next generation network is a hybrid of fibre-optic and Air-Fibre (fixed wireless). This enables us to provide speeds faster than those available in most cities, and because we don't have any degradation from long copper cables, our speeds are guaranteed (not 'up to')! .

We have a range of products to suit home and business users.

Future-proof infrastructure

Our core fibre-optic network supports speeds in excess of 10Gb/s, this means as demand grows we can keep up.

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Outside our fibre optic area? No problem, our team of certified installers will place a small antenna onto your roof.

This antenna connects to our supplied WIFI router, providing a solid connection to all devices throughout your home.

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