Fair Use Policy

Broadband Usage

We generally operate an unlimited policy on all of our broadband packages, however if your usage is exceptionally high to the detriment of other customers, then we reserve the right to take action in the form of speed throttling. However, to date none of our customers have ever breached our fair usage policy. If we were to implement throttling on a connection, it would be on a temporary basis and your speeds will be no more than halved.

Unlimited Telephone Packages

Again, we try and operate a policy that means most people do find their included minutes ‘Unlimited’, we actually start charging after 2,000 minutes per month. That applies to both our landline and mobile packages and we think is a fair amount for someone to be on the phone. If you find yourself on the phone all night, every night then speak to us, we can probably put forwards a package that will give you what you need without breaking the bank.