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Many of our hyperfast broadband packages include a Superpod and Plume HomePass®, forming an intelligent WiFi network that is managed through a simple mobile application.

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Superpod plugged into kitchen socket with Homepass app open on Apple Smartphone
visualisation of home network on Plume Homepass smartphone app


Consistent speed and coverage with WiFi that adjusts to you

Parental Controls on Plume Homepass Application


Intuitive tools for managing users, devices, and internet access

Virus and threat protection settings on Plume Homepass app


Best-in-class security powered by AI

Motion Detection settings on Plume Homepass Smartphone application


Whole-home motion awareness for peace of mind

Plume Superpod plugged into childs toy room

What are Superpods?

Plume Pods are our smart WiFI access points, they deliver super-fast and reliable WiFi through constant optimisation. Most of our services include one SuperPod.

Incase you were wondering... Super Pods are Triple band 4x4 MU-MIMO, AC3000 Gigabit Wi-Fi (400 + 867 + 1734 Mbps), with two Gigabit ethernet ports each.

Full House WiFi Guarantee

For larger homes, our £12/mth 'Full House' bolt-on provides you with additional Pods for guaranteed whole-home coverage or £100 back*. The additional Pods will automatically mesh together, boosting your home network's coverage.

*some exclusions apply e.g. garden sheds, see pinemedia.net/terms-and-conditions for full details.

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Smart WiFi

Powered by Plume HomePass®

Plume continually optimises your WiFi network. It’s like having your own personal technician who is constantly working to ensure that your WiFi remains Hyperfast. If you need it, personalisation is all managed through a simple mobile application.

Special Features


Plume is more intelligent than a traditional mesh WiFi network because it constantly assesses your household's usage and adjusts itself accordingly. This means that if you often stream 4K content to your living room TV, Plume will always ensure that the TV has all the bandwidth required for a crystal-clear picture.


The Plume smartphone app goes so much further than basic parental controls; you can choose who can connect to the network, when they connect and with which devices.


Best-in-class security powered by AI. Block threats and even pesky adverts with a click of a button.

Father and Son on tablet in Kitchen with Plume Homepass App open