We're a Sheffield based internet service provider. We build and operate our own Full Fibre network across South Yorkshire, delivering Gigabit broadband.

Our Story

We started building broadband networks in 2015 with the goal of freeing communities from the poor speeds, slow customer service and high prices of the major telecommunication giants.

How We Do It

By installing our own full fibre across South Yorkshire we are able to deliver ultra-fast Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), often where other providers can’t.

When we reach your road, you may see us working on BT telegraph poles and ducts. We tend to use these to reduce the amount of digging required. If you sign up, we usually install your new fibre cable in the same way as your BT copper phone line: either overhead or underground through existing ducting. Your BT line is unaffected and can even operate at the same time as your new FTTP service.

How We Are Different

  • We only build and sell Full Fibre services, the future of broadband.

  • We don’t offer limited time deals, nor do we skyrocket prices after the end of your contract.

  • As we own and operate our network, our team can diagnose and react quickly if issues arise.

    Local Company, Big Ambitions

    We are proud to be a local Sheffield company, employing a fast-growing local team. Our network currently reaches over 20,000 homes and businesses and our 2021 build will take this to 50,000 and beyond.

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  • Pine Media engineer working in Sheffield

    Pine Media fibre being installed

    Pine Media HQ at Belgravia House in Sheffield

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